The Comps Abyss

So I started studying for my comprehensive exams last night. And I will be continuing it again tonight.¬†I took baby steps. Started with an article because a book seemed TOO overwhelming. It took a lot of starting and stopping. And I so need to stop trying to analyze¬†every word of the scholar. My first foray into comps reading took a lot longer than it should have. And I stressed over every minute detail. So I need to stop. And I need to take my notes. But I feel like I should break bread. I started the comps reading. That’s a big deal folks. I worked past my anxiety. I’m taking slow steps. And when I get into my groove (I hope I get into a groove), I hope to be speed reading away.

I’ve also decided that my approach to comps, at least for now, is to continue to multi-task. Most people I know just sat down and read for months on end. Considering my research study, I cannot do that. I wish I could but I can’t. I also have conference papers to write. But I am excited about that because I get to work through my ideas on some of my readings.

It’s a long road ahead. And I feel daunted. I hope I can keep mustering the courage to move forward. For a second I felt like I just heard my deceased grandmother in my head telling me I will. She was always such a stickler for education.. LOL. And now back to my grind.


  1. Tony

    i have a question

    why you use the name Dardanian whats it mean ?

    thank you

  2. Fifi

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for reading my blog.. LOL. How did you find me? Dardanian is a domain name I bought when I was really young. It’s another word for Trojan. I have a huge appetite for Trojan war stories/novels/myths. So when I bought my first domain name, I decided to choose a name that expressed my geeky obsession.


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