The trials and tribulations of conducting your own research study Part I

Last year I got talked into applying to a pricey research grant to conduct a study on immigrants and first generation immigrants. Let’s just say it fit in perfectly with my comics research on Muslim female superheroes. So I went ahead and applied. I was so green to the research world and yet I applied. I wonder if I should have. Anyways, I won the research grant. Yay! And then I got to the hard ole tasks of applying to Ethics Board which was crazy. I had to fill out a 50-page application and create and attach all my work for the study. I thought I was going mad. Then I had to REVISE my work. It was crazy. Then recruiting became a nightmare. Then I had to revise my work again. Now I have finally gotten approved for my revisions and are trying to organize meetings with my participants. Mind you, only two messaged me back. I could cry. But now I am hopeful. And I don’t know if I should be. I think I have a potential interview lined up. I just need confirmation from the participant. And in all of that, I have a lot of preparation: a powerpoint; room bookings; ordering transcription software and buying gift cards. And my anxiety about this is over the top. Ok, I will survive. I will try my best to take deep breaths and move forward.

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