The Secret Life of Muslims

I truly have some of the best research assistants out there. They tipped me off to this series from Vox which I had no idea about. My research study explores this concept in and of itself: representations of Muslims in popular culture. Nearing the end, Reza Aslan questioned¬†whether popular culture could reframe perceptions. That’s essentially a research question of mine – or maybe it’s a secret wish… LOL. I do remember in the beginning that there was one guy (and I’m sorry I don’t know who he was) who said when he was a kid, he used to pray for Bart Simpson to be Muslim or even Spiderman. And now I think, “Wow! Muslim kids have it a bit easier in this generation”. We don’t have a Muslim Spiderman yet (though we had a Black one last year which¬†sounds awesome) but we had a Muslim Green Lantern once (Simon Baz). And now we have Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American, self-described “Jersey girl” who’s Muslim. And that’s a major superhero my study concentrates on. So I’m excited for this series. I hope they come out with a feature on Muslim superheroes.

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