About Me

I’m Safiyya.

I’m a second year PhD student in Communication and Culture.

I live in Toronto which still feels strange when I am reminded that I spent much of my younger years in the suburbs.

I have a BA and an MS in Communication, and I also pursued a part-time CE certificate in Creative Writing before starting my PhD.

I’m also a comic writer and researcher and will be publishing my first comic short story in the Toronto Comics Anthology #4 in May 2017.

My favourite food is pasta. Any pasta. Actually anything noodle-y to be honest. I have a weakness for that particular carb.

I am blessed with a beautiful family and friendships that have spanned decades.

I am also passionate, driven, outspoken but at the same time cheerful.

I do like to write and this blog is more a collection of my thoughts as I work my way to my PhD. I do hope you like to read about the most mundane things.